Fiber-optic Internet

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Transfer data with ease whether you have 1 or hundreds of devices. Our fiber service can provide multi gig speeds to meet your needs.

Strong Reliability

Our network is fed by multiple fiber connections as well as high-end redundant equipment. Keeping you connected is our highest priority.

Warm Support

We're a family company and want you to feel like family. Our knowledgeable, friendly, local support teams are ready to assist you.
Fiber to the home is a revolutionary new way of receiving internet service, which brings internet, at the speed of light, directly into your living room. This new technology will enable you to utilize HD video, Face-to-Face video calls, and games without interruption or lag. Our fiber network will connect directly to your home for a fast and reliable connection. Get symmetrical (same upload and download) speeds starting at $59/month.




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*One-time $100 connection fee for all residential plans

Multigig plans

Now available Network wide

WhAT ABOUT tv & phone?

High-Speed internet connections are starting to replace traditional tv and phone. If you still want these, some of the options that are available include using a streaming TV device like the Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or buying an HD antenna for free local channels. Here at LightGig, our goal is to provide you with enough internet bandwidth and then give you the flexibility to get whatever content or voice services you’d like to stream. This is what we do best: giving you world-class access to the internet, and letting you customize the content you want.

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