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About Fiber

How Fiber Optic Cable Works
Fiber utilizes light waves passing through glass instead of electrons traveling along copper wires. This allows the system to be more reliable, and more than 40 times faster than traditional copper. The data can literally travel at the speed of light. Using Fiber Optic technology, LightGig is already building its system to be prepared to serve residential and business customers with up to 10Gig/second download and upload speeds. Keep reading to find out more about fiber and how you can get phone and TV over your fiber internet connection.

Most internet connections are made using copper wires. These can only transfer data at the speed of electricity. That’s only about 1% of the speed of light. With Fiber Optics your data transfers at 186,272 miles per second! That’s how you can download and upload 1 Gig/second, can upload large work files almost instantly, and can literally stream entire HD movies in just seconds! Fiber Optic technology allows you to live your life without wasting invaluable time waiting on buffering and downloading.

Working from home? Video call and manage large files with ease.

Responding to your teacher or classmates on a homework assignment? Connection speeds won’t keep you from learning.

Streaming your evening entertainment? Connect multiple devices at the same time with no problems.

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TV & Phone

What about TV & Phone Service?
High-Speed internet connections are starting to replace traditional TV and phone. The most common ways of TV these days include using a streaming device like the Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or buying an HD antenna for free local channels. At LightGig, our focus is to provide you with amazing internet bandwidth, giving you the freedom to use whatever TV content or voice services you need. Giving you world-class, low latency access to the Internet, enabling you with the flexibility to choose your own services--and save money--is what we do best!

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What are my upload speeds with Lightgig?
Lightgig offers symmetrical download and upload speeds. That means that your upload speeds will be similar to your download speeds for whatever plan you choose. This is different than most providers, who typically offer only 10-20 mbps upload speeds, no matter how high your download speeds get. Faster upload speeds are useful not just for uploading large files, but also for any kind of streaming, FaceTime, Zoom, or other video call platforms, since with those services you are uploading and downloading video at the same time. Click here to learn even more about symmetrical plans.
Will I be locked into a long service contract?
No. We believe that you should be free to get the best service possible at any time. All of our plans are month-to-month. The only agreement you’ll need to sign is our Terms & Conditions.
How much data can I use with your plans?
You can use as much data as you want! We do not have any data caps or overage charges.
Is there an extra charge for the router?
Yes, using our WiFi6 router is an additional $9 month for the main unit and $5 a month per mesh point.
Do you have extra fees or taxes?
No. After your one-time installation fee, the price you see marked on our website is the final price that you will pay every month.
What if I want to use my own router?
You are welcome to use your own router. Please note that if you use your own router, we will be responsible for your Internet connection and for our equipment working properly, but we cannot be responsible for router maintenance or troubleshooting your router.If you are using your own router, we recommend a gigabit-capable router with an RJ45 Ethernet port (usually labeled “internet” or “WAN” on the port). You’ll want to make sure that it is not a dual router/modem combo (it should not have a DSL or coax port).
I am experiencing problems with internet connection. How do I contact you?
We always want to know when our customers are getting less than ideal internet service! Please call us at 970-460-8004 during our office hours (7:00 am – 5:30 pm, M-F) and email us at [email protected] on evenings and weekends. We monitor emails and will respond as quickly as possible!
How does billing work?
Payments run each month for your upcoming month of service. When you sign up, you’ll submit a card number. Your $100 connection fee will run immediately, and your monthly payment will start after you are installed. It will run automatically on the same day each month. You’ll receive emailed receipts and have the option to log into our billing portal once you have started an account with us to make changes as needed. There are no hidden or added fees with our service - what you see is what you pay!

Customers who prefer to pay via ACH account can set up ACH withdrawal in our billing portal.

Customers wishing to pay by check will need to pay for 6 months at a time for residential accounts due to the additional processing work for our team. Please call us at 970-460-8004 to set up payment by check.

If you have any questions about setting up your billing, please reach out to our Customer Service team at 970-460-8004.
Do you have a referral program or discounts?
Yes, our referral program gets both you and the person who referred you/the person you refer a FREE month of internet! (The referral discount for businesses is 50% off for one month.) Referral discounts are currently unlimited, so spread the word to get additional free months!
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