About Fiber

How Fiber Works

Fiber utilizes light waves passing through glass instead of electrons traveling along copper wires. This allows the system to be more reliable, and more than 40 times faster than traditional copper. The data can literally travel at the speed of light. Using Fiber Optic technology, Lightgig is already building its system to be prepared to serve residential and business customers with up to 10Gig/second download and upload speeds. Keep reading to find out more about fiber and how you can get phone and TV over your fiber internet connection.

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What About TV And Phone?

High-Speed internet connections are starting to replace traditional tv and phone. If you still want these, some of the options that are available include using a streaming TV device like the Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or buying an HD antenna for free local channels. Here at Lightgig, our goal is to provide you with enough internet bandwidth and then give you the flexibility to get whatever content or voice services you’d like to stream. This is what we do best: keeping you with world-class access to the internet, and letting you customize the content you want.

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Fiber To The Home

Fiber to the home is a revolutionary new way of receiving internet service, which brings internet, at the speed of light, directly into your living room. This new technology will enable to you utilize HD video, Face-to-Face video calls, and games without interruption or lag.

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Fiber To The Business

A fiber connection for your business is a perfect solution for more reliability and bandwidth stability, higher internet security, and enough bandwidth to run your business in an efficient and cost effect way. Get in touch with us about getting fiber optic internet to your business.

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